Through my high school years, I had struggled with stress of schoolwork and the pressures of doing my best in terms of my grades. Ignite helped relieved that stress for me through the many activities they provided (camps and sports programs afterschool for example) and showed me that it’s okay to not be okay; that I sometimes need to take a step back from school work and have that time for myself. Which is one of the reasons why I decided to become a volunteer at Ignite, because they believe in bringing out the best of each person and the whole of the person.

Tracey Soccer Volunteer

I volunteered for Ignite because I wanted to learn how to help others.

I love it because of the sport aspect, sports can help bring people together. I would recommend it because for those who love helping people and playing sports; Ignite is a perfect place for them.

Sam Basketball Volunteer

The environment and opportunity to work the young people of the Keysborough area has been a real highlight. Having never lived around the area, it is an amazing experience to chat and get to know young people from different areas of life.

This is a perfect opportunity to get involved in a community in a new an exciting way. Building relationships through sport is a great opportunity to encourage youth in the current culture.

Chris Soccer Volunteer

I love hanging out with people and playing sport – at Ignite I am able to do both of these things! I have always loved giving back to the community and showing my faith in a practical way. Taking time out of my week to spend with the students at Keysborough College has helped me to see first hand why being involved in a loving and accepting community is so important.

Emma Program Coordinator

Ignite is such a unique organisation. Their down-to-earth and authentic engagement with the Keysborough college community is so refreshing to be a part of. I’ve learnt so much from being involved with an organisation who have such a strong link between their core values and their day-to-day community engagement.


On top of that, I’m surrounded by such an awesome team – people who have been part of the school community in a variety of ways and over a number of years.

Josh Soccer Volunteer

What I love about Ignite is that its so generous and open to the youth, especially those who struggle at times.

Its like a second family that isn’t always forcing you to spill out everything but comforting when you’re ready to open up.

Alex Soccer Volunteer

Ignite has opened my eyes to see the potential that was residing in me without any of my knowledge. The Ignite internship has been the best thing to have happened to me, because it has shaped the person I have become today as a leader as well as mature responsible young adult.

I can honestly say Ignite has ignited a fire in my soul.

Achol Basketball Program Coordinator

2017 Opportunities

Give Back - Gain Skills & Experience - Connect

Volunteer Sport Program mentors

Positions available in:

Sunday night basketball Scrimmage Program 

Tuesday after school basketball program  

Thursday after school soccer program 

For a full volunteer role description, application form, more details, or any questions, please fill out the form at the bottom of this page. 

Camps program team members 

 To assist in running camps through out the year.

To explore how you might be able to help, please fill out the form at the bottom of this page. 

Group mentoring program mentors 

During school hours, assist in being part of mentoring discussions with young people.

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We are looking for people to help us in the following areas who could give up a few hours a week in any of the following areas:

  • Bookkeeping
  • CRM database setup and database entry
  • Assist in volunteer processing
  • Occasional staff tech support

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We take the presence of Ignite volunteers in participants lives seriously, and as such all volunteers must hold a current Working With Children's Check; complete Ignite training as specified and agree to an Ignite Code of Conduct.