Mentoring - Ignite Rites

Ignite Rites is the name of Ignite’s group mentoring programs. Ignite Rites comprises of 6 different evidence-based programs designed for young people in transition from primary school to secondary school through to young people transitioning into tertiary education.


The name Ignite Rites was chosen because of each of the programs key purpose – to assist in the transitions of life as a teenager through a series of rites.


We have researched and are developing our programs around traditional rites of passage and making them contemporary, relevant and impacting. In other words Ignite Rites are about mentoring young people to become adults in the most whole and healthy version of themselves.

Rite Track

Aimed at Grade 6 to Year 8 students who may struggle in the transition into secondary school because of various risk factors that may lead to social isolation. We have an emphasis on students who have a lack of a male or female role model, and aim to limit the potential negative impact of this circumstance. 

Rite Turn

Aimed for students in year 9 and 10, the Rite Turn helps students navigate through bigger decisions and most particularly the decision to become a young man or woman.


Adolescence in our western culture today is now the longest it has ever been, the Rite Turn seeks to create a rite of passage that provides a healthy transition into adulthood. We believe that without a healthy rite of passage young people will seek to create their own, usually one that is more oppressive such as fast cars, getting drunk or getting laid.


A key element to the Rite Turn is a 4-day camp creating a contemporary rite of passage.

Rite Man & Rite Woman

Built on vulnerability, honesty and trust – values largely lost in young people today, this program seeks to build resilient strong adults and leaders through a strong supportive community.


The Rite Man and Rite Woman is a meaningful guide to manhood or womanhood and seeks to support students through their stresses in VCE.