Our Camps & Events

All our camps and events provide a space for young people to be challenged, to be vulnerable and to experience greater independence – each essential to the development of resilience & hope.

Ignite Nites

Ignite Nites are stand alone events approximately once every two months that provide an affirming and inclusive space for young people from across different areas of Ignite’s programs (soccer, basketball, mentoring) and other young people in the community to connect and deepen their relationships with each other and positive, present young adult role models.


Sports Camp

Our September sports camp is our most popular camp. We play a lot of sport and have a lot of fun in team challenge activities. The camp is intentionally integrated with our weekly programs and always has a focus on developing the potential in our campers through guest speakers and discussion groups.


State Youth Games

Camping in the middle of winter in one of Victoria’s coldest places and getting up early to play soccer on a frozen or muddy oval- what’s not to like about that! We join over 2000 other young people to take part in Youth Visions State Youth Games. A highlight of Ignite’s time together is sitting around the fire and retelling stories of the days sporting moments.


Leadership Retreats

Leadership development is a high priority for Ignite and we believe this is done best in community and getting away for a few days together. All volunteers are expected to attend at least one of these camps each year. Our summer sizzler camp (think beach) launching in January 2017 is for all volunteers at the beginning of the year to sharpen our youth work skills and inspire us for a year of impact. Our winter warmer camp (think fireplace) is to take time out together for some serious chill out time and some winter bonding. We also set up camp at Surrender conference each year and get involved in volunteering which is the heart of leadership; serving (yep cleaning toilets- and you’ll be surprised how much fun and how much we get out of this experience together at Surrender conference!)


Rites of Passage Camps

More info coming soon about Rites of Passage camps.