What we do

Camps & Events

We run camps and events throughout the year that are critical for increasing the sense of belonging for young people from at-risk or culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds with their peers and their mentors. More info.


Our gender-based group mentoring programs provide space for young people to ask & explore big life questions alongside positive older role models that offer radical inclusion, hopefulness and presence for young people participating. More info.

Sports Programs

We run weekly soccer and basketball programs for at-risk and culturally & linguistically diverse young people in Keysborough. These programs offer an accessible, welcoming & affirming environment to play sport and build community. More info.


The story of Ignite

Achol’s Story

Our community: Greater Dandenong

Number of refugees & asylum seekers
Young people involved weekly
Volunteers involved weekly

We exist because we believe all young people - especially those from culturally diverse backgrounds - deserve hope, inclusion & community. Join us in seeing a more welcoming, diversity-affirming and humanised community, country and world.

Through my high school years, I had struggled with stress of schoolwork and the pressures of doing my best in terms of my grades. Ignite helped relieved that stress for me through the many activities they provided (camps and sports programs afterschool for example) and showed me that it’s okay to not be okay; that I sometimes need to take a step back from school work and have that time for myself. Which is one of the reasons why I decided to become a volunteer at Ignite, because they believe in bringing out the best of each person and the whole of the person.

Tracey Past participant, current volunteer

Ignite is such a unique organisation. Their down-to-earth and authentic engagement with the Keysborough College community is so refreshing to be a part of. I’ve learnt so much from being involved with an organisation who have such a strong link between their core values and their day-to-day community engagement. Sport and mentoring programs provide such a powerful avenue to connect with people from various life experiences.

On top of that, I’m surrounded by such an awesome team – people who have been part of the school community in a variety of ways and over a number of years. If you enjoy playing sport, going on camps and hanging out with people from a whole range of different cultural backgrounds, come to Ignite!

Josh Current Volunteer

Ignite has opened my eyes to see the potential that was residing in me without any of my knowledge. The Ignite internship has been the best thing to have happened to me, because it has shaped the person I have become today as a leader as well as mature responsible young adult.

I can honestly say Ignite has ignited a fire in my soul.

Achol Basketball Program Coordinator

Our Impact

  • 87% of young people feel included by other participants at Ignite programs.
  • 71% of young people feel comfortable being vulnerable with an Ignite volunteer or another student.
  • 83% of young people feel connected to the Ignite volunteer team.

Our Team